Talent: the source of innovation

By attracting and promoting talented people, together we can build real opportunities for growth and design the future of work.


Habacus and businesses: together for the future of work.

We work together on employer branding, to attract the best talents and better communicate the value of a company through wellbeing initiatives. We invest together in knowledge to build a more inclusive, human-friendly society, through concrete initiatives with measurable impacts that meet the social aspects of ESG criteria.


We facilitate talent attraction through programmes designed to support people who are still studying. We help companies navigate the world of education to find the right partners and enable them to provide scholarships to intercept the best students and put them in contact with the business world, directly impacting the efficiency of recruitment processes.


Our guidance and certification services make it easier for employees and their children to select and access vocational study programmes. We help them choose the course of study, upskilling or reskilling that best suits their abilities, and also facilitate access to sustainable training loans.


Talent attraction

  • to guide the companies’ medium-term (6-12 month) recruitment plans
  • mid-senior placements (skilled workers/managers) Habacus
Habacus Support
  • to identify the best study courses to match the desired profiles and engage the training providers
  • to work with the company to define the financing structure of the operation (*)
  • to certify the student’s access to subsidised/company-sponsored funding
  • to support candidates with engagement activities during the selection and onboarding process

(*) for example, based on the German model ( student loans combined with company-funded scholarships

Benefits for the companies
  • an opportunity for the company to increase the numbers of profiles to choose from, with better profiling and pre-screening during the study programme
  • impact on the target communities, in terms of the contribution to raising awareness of professional training (impact on the S component of ESG indicators)


Employee wellbeing

  • to increase employee retention and satisfaction
  • to contribute to the reskilling/upskilling of staff, enhancing their skills and employability (also within the company itself – change of role)
Habacus Support
  • to enrich the study finance package, by providing a pre-certification orientation programme with advice on post-diploma training and finance options
  • to identify types of study finance suitable for the context (employees and/or their family members), starting with the existing schemes and possibly new ones (such as company scholarships combined with sustainable study loans)
  • define with the company the criteria for access to the initiative on the basis of which to certify applicants through the consolidated process and Habacus expertise
Benefits for the companies
  • diversification of the retention and/or opportunity creation programmes for employees with an impact on the S component of the ESG indicators

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What support does Habacus offer to companies?

Habacus supports the company in designing and executing its employer branding initiatives. We use our experience to act as a system integrator: bringing companies, students, training providers and private financers into contact. Habacus also supports the company in designing its communication strategy, using its knowledge of the target audience.

What type of finance can Habacus certify access to?

Habacus is the first organisation in Italy to certify academic merit. It enables access to various types of finance, depending on the actor involved, for example banks (student loans), companies and/or institutions (scholarships).

What is Habacus certification?

Based on the student’s academic performance, Habacus certification measures their alignment with the conditions required to access the student finance offered by Habacus partner banks, or to obtain scholarships provided by companies.

What impact do Habacus initiatives have on companies?

Habacus initiatives help companies to diversify their retention and/or opportunity creation programmes. As these initiatives are concrete and measurable employer branding actions, they have a positive impact on the sustainability of ESG indicators.