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Growth, discovery and selection

Habacus is always looking for activities that can enrich students’ skills and introduce them to new experiences.

The Aurora Experience is a route to growth, discovery and selection. An orientation tool consisting of three modules designed to stimulate skills and exploit potential.
The aim is to enable young people to identify both their strengths and areas for improvement.
A true quest in search of yourself.

The Aurora Experience revolves around 4 “C’s”, which include our three modules:

  • Cognition
  • Conquest
  • Cooperation;

and a set of new Competencies to enrich your CV.


The challenges of the Aurora Experience



You tell your story in the Discord community by talking about your aspirations. You participate in a group coaching session and have access to a self-assessment test of your skills.



You meet ten unknown professionals and you have to convince at least three to support your candidacy.



A series of exclusive opportunities will be made available to each participant, such as in-company shadowing periods, consultations with different professionals, and special events to refine your skills and build a professional network



At the end of each test you receive Open Badges that add verified skills of self analysis, effective communication and teamwork to your CV.

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Habacus Fast Track

Are you ready for the challenge? Use the Habacus Fast Track!

In order to join the Experience, you normally have to go on a waiting list and be contacted by the Aurora team. However, with the Habacus Fast Track you have direct access to the Experience. There’s just one small catch: you have until your 23rd birthday to sign up!

Habacus Fast Track

A concentrated and intense experience

The Aurora Experience has a total duration of one year and all modules are fully remote; all you need is a connection. A team of experts assesses the candidates’ profiles and selects those most deserving of the Fellowship.


Habacus Fast Track

Challenge yourself to keep improving

The cost of the Aurora Experience is €149 and, in case you are not selected for the third module, you can take the tests again for free.
Whatever happens, the Experience is an opportunity to test yourself and improve. Don’t miss the opportunity, take part now!!

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